Telepathic nature and animal communication has gained significance and urgency in these modern times due to increasing importance of ‘oneness’ with nature and the primitive beings. There is so much to learn from the nature and these animals that we human beings have been ignorant and cold-shouldered towards.

The word ANIMAL comes from the Latin word ANIMA, which means life principle, breath, air, soul, living being. Respecting the animals is the first and the foremost step towards opening the communication channels. These animals whom we place at the lower most hierarchy levels, are the most spiritually advanced beings that are beyond the limited understanding capabilities of human beings. When we place us at higher levels, we automatically regard others down the hierarchy to be inferior and of having limited capabilities and abilities. We have always regarded the language we speak of the highest regard and the most advanced forms of communication. We have systematically ignored the other vital forms of interspecies communication. Interspecies communication can only be facilitated if both the ends are open to channels of telepathic communication.

We humans have an innate ability to communicate with these animals however, this ability is largely ignored and is lost in the childhood. The animals understand our capability and depth of knowledge and spiritual advancement and they choose to communicate those things that they feel we can fathom on the basis of our capabilities. They can perceive our emotions, distress and mental health even if we are unable to outrightly describe it. They guide you through all the stages in your life as they have so much to offer us humans. They can be our best and the most trustworthy guiding lights.

Telepathic animal communication is essentially a two-way process. It facilitates communication with the animal souls who are in their physical bodily form and the departed souls. We communicators are the medium of communication, the “Voice” of the animal. We work by ‘The animal says…’ and not by ‘The animal implies / or might mean…’. We do not apply our analytical minds or comprehend in any manner. We merely voice the animal messages as they are. In case of pet animals, these communications can best help the fellow human companions to understand their pets’ likings, preferences, behavioral issues and health issues and ailments. Through these communications the pets offer invaluable guidance to all the family members and help them deal with family issues and pressing problems. In case of lost animal cases, it helps in understanding if the animal souls have left by choice or are genuinely lost and need help. However, what needs to be understood is that through these communications there is no guarantee given that the pet will return or not. We communicators are ONLY the voice for the animal, and we are no one to force the animal to return. It is solely the animal’s decision and his will whether or not to comeback.

Telepathic Animal Communication is not just limited to dogs/cats but is applicable for all the souls- birds, insects, reptiles, fish, plants, flowers, trees, any soul which is in their physical bodily form or departed souls.

In the end, the purpose of telepathic nature and animal communications is understanding, compassion, balance and communion of the species as a whole.


  • General know-how cases for animals – Likings/Preferences of the animals/pets. Getting to know your pets/ animals better
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Health issues and Ailments
  • Rescued pets/animals
  • Adoption cases
  • The Departed animal souls
  • Lost Animal Cases
*** Disclaimer-
  • As a communicator, I do not offer any guarantee in any form for all the cases taken. I’m merely a medium of communication, and the decision rests completely with the family or the companion of the pets/animals.
  • The privacy of each and every case will be completely respected and taken care of. Confidentiality will be safeguarded under all the circumstances.
  • I shall not accept any liability directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that may be suffered by the family/individuals due to the actions taken on the basis of the consultation. The decision, whether or not to work on the advice given by their pets/animals, rests solely with the concerned individuals.
  • As a communicator, whatever I receive from the animal, depends on what and how much the animal wants to share with me. Hence do not compare the answers recieved with other communicators.
  • There is no right/wrong in whatever the animal communicates. The findings can either be validated by the concerned individuals or not. If the findings are not validated, the communicator can ask further questions and get clarity about the same from the animal.
  • In Lost Animal Cases - I do not assure and give guarantee that the lost pet/animal will return. The decision, whether to return or not, rests completely with the animal/pet. I cannot and will not in any case force or pressurize the animal to come back. It is ethically not correct.
  • Any reliance of our information shall entirely be your own discretion and we shall not hold any responsibility for any of your actions by relying upon our reading/consultancy/suggestion which should only be treated as an opinion given basing on our experience or research work, but we take no liability for any of your actions or damage accrued by you.
  • These Terms shall be construed and governed by the laws of India without regard to principles of conflict of laws. Parties further agree that the courts in Pune, India shall have an exclusive jurisdiction over such disputes.
  • The discretion of accepting/rejecting the Telepathic Nature and Animal Communication service- requests solely rests with the owner. If you have any questions about this disclaimer, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, you can contact us at


Tanvee Kanitkar

Being an enthusiastic and passionate animal lover, I adopted a rescue dog. Having a rescue dog brings with a lot of behavioral issues, territorial behavior and trauma. These issues can manifest in any form- Aggression, Pack mentality, Over Dominance etc. After being unable to deal with these sensitive issues, I turned towards Telepathic Animal Communication. Being a communicator, the conversations with my dog unfolded his reasons for aggression and behavior, and he even guided me as to how I can help him reduce these issues as well as how I should work on myself first. By opening this communication channel, it has changed perception towards nature and animal as a whole exceptionally. This path has been truly a liberating experience in every sense, and I feel that it has helped me evolve as a human being.

I have chosen this path of being a Telepathic Animal Communicator to be the voice of the animal souls as well as contribute in my full capacity and make a positive difference.



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